Transitioning to Another Season

I miss my Youth group days,

• when my friends & I would only hope for a love life because God is still molding us to be the right women for the person we’ll love & God will bring,

• when we could only think of the places we’ll go after earning money,

• when we would only be praying for the subjects that we needed to pass,

• when I would meet with my ladies on a Saturday to share what God had revealed to me during the past week & enjoy my Sabbath day every Friday,

• when my college buddies & I enjoy the night with the latest drama of our lives.

A lot of things has changed now. Some received what we prayed for, some continues to wait. We grew as individuals. Some of us are earning money and traveling for work & not just for pleasure. Subjects turned into presentations and meetings for the bosses. We’re dating great people whom God faithfully placed in our lives. We lost our sense of melancholic characteristic but the strength to overcome recurring problems developed. We may not be able to meet on a weekly basis for a small group but we’re involved with another small groups that help us gain more insight about the real world and diversities of people. You see, as the teacher in Ecclesiastes mentioned that there is a season for everything. If I could turn back time, I wish I’d never looked forward in the future as much as I did. I wish I enjoyed it. When the clock was ticking and we were about to leave our beloved university, I felt nothing. In my mind, I was hoping to get over it and move on.

I realized that our time should be spent wisely. Be wise by making yourself better instead of enjoying a company of people who will eventually pull you down and drag you to struggle in life. Stop quitting, take heart, and commit to plans that will develop work ethics in you. Don’t take your time and other’s time for granted.

Lastly, make a habit that will make you look forward to spending time with God. The more you experience God, the more you’ll say, “No regrets!”


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