Travel Story: The Waves & The Good God

Two days ago, I went to a beach in Zambales with two of my friends. One of them had been urging me to go ever since the beginning of their planning, I wasn’t convinced enough to go so I basically kept saying no until I found myself traveling with a grumpy mood.

“What could possibly be nice about exhausting yourself in a long travel?” I thought.

However, it became an experience that I did not regret doing. It was actually fun immersing myself to a different thing for a while.

Our hostel, named The Circle, is actually known to hipsters. I’m not a hipster so I couldn’t care less about the things that go with their interests. The whole place is painted with colors and vandals. Every part of the place has a remnant of the ones who stayed in it. It’s like in every vandal that they made, they’re leaving something that were in their hearts during the travel. It’s beautiful because of the people; they are all accommodating, fast moving, and friendly. Yes, I was never bored in our stay.


Tourists usually go there for surfing.

Well, the beach isn’t the best beach that I’ve been to but it is beautiful on its own. It is inviting and it will really calm you down.

I usually get terrible anxieties during travels (this is one of the reasons why I don’t like traveling); however, this is, if not, the calmest sea that I’ve ever met. The waves are big but it did not scare me.

As I was reflecting on my life, a sentence came to my mind and it was simple. I know it was from God.

The waves are only big when you are near it.

It is beautiful. It lifted my whole mood during the entire trip.

This year, I’m really overwhelmed with all the happenings in my life. 2016 is rough and I couldn’t stand up on my own for so long. I’ve been needing so much help and I feel like a weak individual who will never recover.

In His faithfulness, love, and protection, He has been through it all with me and for me. When I’m hurt, down, happy, broken, scared, and confused, the Lord is there.

Even though I can see the waves that are trying to eat me alive, I am certain that God goes before me and stops the waves from doing what it wants to do – to completely destroy me.


Next year would be different. I will try to fix my life and learn more about God. I no longer want to be in this deep pit where I see my life being taken away day by day.

This is only possible through my Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.


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